Role Playing Games, or RPGs, on the blockchain give the player control over a fictional character with unique attributes, powers and weapons. In an RPG players need to use or command their character, in order to complete quests, earn experience points and increase the character’s power. RPGs on the blockchain strongly connect with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as players need to acquire more and better weapons to improve their character. 

RPG are available in a variety of subgenres. There are the more action-oriented action RPGs, and of course turn-based role playing games. Especially turn-based RPGs are very suitable to embrace on-chain mechanics, because the game doesn’t progress require super high speed. Obviously the MMORPG genre can also be seen as a role playing game.

A player-character in an RPG often has some basic attributes. Think about common examples, like strength, defense, agility, charisma, and magic. These player-characters can level up, and increase their attributies. In addition their weapons and clothes can enhance these attributes significantly. This benefits the player in battle. This particular game genre often uses a wide set of game rules, as well as a method to define luck. In traditional RPGs this meant rolling dice, but in video games luck is often a character attribute on its own.

Blockchain Role Playing Games Examples:

  • Ember Sword Pre-Alpha Gameplay Leak

    Ember Sword released a pre-alpha leak in the form of a video with exciting gameplay and some WIP (Work in Progress) content. This was a way to update the community about everything being done behind the curtains and renew completely its excitement. This leak can be an indicator that a Beta is now closer than […]
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  • Superior Early Access Launch

    Superior, the roguelite third-person shooter of GALA games, is now live since November 16th for all the early supporters. Unlike previous playtests, this time all progress will be saved, so It is time to start fighting the abominations and leveling up our heroes! Players can now start killing those mutants and stealing their powers because […]
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  • Koakuma Beta Video Review

    Koakuma is a brand new ARPG on the Polygon and BNB Smart Chain Blockchains, and it just released its beta for the public. In this review, I will show some of the AAA gameplay and graphics and cover what is known regarding the web3 layer of Koakuma. How to play Koakuma? Koakuma is listed on […]
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  • Synergy Land Crafting is Live

    Crafting in this Web3 ARPG is finally LIVE. Now players can stake their NFT Synergians and Badges to earn more Synergy Land NFTs. Since the launch of this new feature, the demand for these NFTs and their price have increased. Synergy Land’s Demo was good for showing some gameplay and building up the hype within […]
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  • Guild of Guardians Announces $GOG Staking Rewards

    Guild Of Guardians role-playing game has announced the $GOG token staking with a prize pool of $5 million $GOG tokens in rewards. The staking began on November 7, 2022, and will run for the next six months. During this period, players will earn $GOG tokens each week in proportion to the amount of tokens staked […]
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  • Wishlist Superior on Steam

    In mid-October, Superior announced that their web3, play and earn game would be available on Steam. Which was a bit of a surprise, because just about a year ago, Steam specifically stated that they would not be working with blockchain games. So what’s going on here? As part of the greater gaming community backlash against […]
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  • Phantom Galaxies Revamps Astrafite Rush Rewards

    After feedback from their community, the Phantom Galaxies team decided to make some changes to the planned rewards for the upcoming Astrafite Rush event. The number of spots available on the leaderboard has been drastically reduced, increasing the competition for those ASTRAFER rewards! As Phantom Galaxies prepared to launch their Astrafite Rush event, feedback from […]
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  • Ascenders Partners with Double Protocol for NFT Rentals

    Ascenders, the sci-fi RPG, has partnered with NFT rental platform Double Protocol to integrate NFT rentals for Ascender NFT Lands. The Land NFTs are small land parcels in Ascenders world that provide several utilities to land owners. The NFT rental facility offered by Double Protocol will now allow users to get benefits from the NFT […]
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  • Join the Tap Fantasy Season 3 Tournament on Fractal

    Tap Fantasy MMORPG has announced its Season 3 tournament on the Fractal platform. The Fractal tournament will contain various in-game activities through which players can earn gems and special rewards. The tournament starts today, October 24, 2022, at 8 AM PT and continues for five days till October 29, 2022, at 8 AM PT. The […]
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  • Fableborne Pre-Alpha Playtest and Tournament

    We recently presented to you the first version of the Fableborne litepaper. The new base-building RPG game is now ready to enter its first pre-alpha playtest phase. This playtest will span two weekends, allowing players to provide feedback about the early build of the game. The pre-alpha release will consist of two rounds, across two […]
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