Action games are a general game genre, relying on skillful gameplay combined with action mechanics, and in the blockchain game category these aren’t very common. This game genre is mostly about battles, fighting or combat. It might involve guns and shooting as well. 

In the realm of blockchain games, developers haven’t fully embraced action games yet. Action gameplay mechanics often require fast reactions, and blockchain transaction speed simply can’t keep up. However, there are some games that combine this type of gameplay with player-owned items, think about skins. In addition some titles use cryptocurrencies as a gameplay reward, tapping into betting, gambling, and play-to-earn mechanics.

In general the game genre puts focus on challenges: requiring hand-eye coordination and quick reactions. This genre embraces a wide variety of sub-genres, including fighting games, beat ‘m ups, shooters and in some occasions platform adventure games as well.

Action Games on Blockchain:

  • Gala Games Last Expedition Leaks and Operator Licences

    Gala Games has recently shared some insights and leaks about the upcoming game Last Expedition in a live stream. Last Expedition is a AAA first-person shooter (FPS) game where players fight against enemies in an alien world. The latest leaks are about Map Blockout updates, character updates, environment, and Operator License Bundle. Map Blockout Update […]
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  • First Look at Fuse Wars, a Third-Person Shooter Coming to the Theta Network

    In this first look, we will cover Fuse Wars, which is the upcoming PvP Third-Person Shooter from the Colossus ecosystem. This is the perfect game for lovers of fast-paced futuristic shooters. The project interacts with the Theta Network. Fuse Wars is the multiplayer PvP Shooter where players will fight against each other in fast-paced matches. […]
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  • Ember Sword Pre-Alpha Gameplay Leak

    Ember Sword released a pre-alpha leak in the form of a video with exciting gameplay and some WIP (Work in Progress) content. This was a way to update the community about everything being done behind the curtains and renew completely its excitement. This leak can be an indicator that a Beta is now closer than […]
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  • Undead Blocks Announces Loot Coffins

    Undead Blocks finally announces the release of Loot Coffins in collaboration with GameStop and GameStop NFT Marketplace. Coffins will have weapon skins and, for the lucky ones, an NFT Weapon pack that will allow its holder to earn daily when the game is released in December. The sale will begin on the 1st of December. […]
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  • Superior Early Access Launch

    Superior, the roguelite third-person shooter of GALA games, is now live since November 16th for all the early supporters. Unlike previous playtests, this time all progress will be saved, so It is time to start fighting the abominations and leveling up our heroes! Players can now start killing those mutants and stealing their powers because […]
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  • Koakuma Beta Video Review

    Koakuma is a brand new ARPG on the Polygon and BNB Smart Chain Blockchains, and it just released its beta for the public. In this review, I will show some of the AAA gameplay and graphics and cover what is known regarding the web3 layer of Koakuma. How to play Koakuma? Koakuma is listed on […]
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  • First Look at Kiraverse: New Shooter on Immutable X

    Kiraverse, a new third-person shooter built with Unreal Engine 5, is soon releasing its Open Beta version on the Immutable X blockchain! Players can count on being able to use NFTs from other collections, cross-platform gameplay, and an AAA-quality game. Its community is already large and a partnership with GameStop was already made. Kiraverse is […]
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  • Synergy Land Crafting is Live

    Crafting in this Web3 ARPG is finally LIVE. Now players can stake their NFT Synergians and Badges to earn more Synergy Land NFTs. Since the launch of this new feature, the demand for these NFTs and their price have increased. Synergy Land’s Demo was good for showing some gameplay and building up the hype within […]
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  • Earth From Another Sun – EFAS – Video Review

    Earth From Another Sun (aka EFAS) just released its demo and, after testing it out, I can say that it is a game that will change NFT Gaming forever. In this review, I will show players how to get started and will review the Blockchain layer of EFAS. How to Play Earth From Another Sun? […]
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  • Big Time Opens Alpha to SPACE Holders

    No longer is access to the Big Time alpha open only to Pass holders. Now, anyone who owns a SPACE NFT can join in the fun, every Thursday night. This playable alpha test already lets players gather NFTs while testing early game builds. Want to play in the Big Time alpha but don’t own an […]
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